Your Fearless Life Coach

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Highly specialized life coaching by Arlene J. Sherman

A unique approach to Life Coaching by a highly experienced, fearless, result driven pro.

The CEO of Google says “Everyone needs a Coach!” And boy, is he ever right.

So, what do I do? Glad you asked. Here goes:

  1. First we identify desired outcomes.
  2. Then we detail necessities to attain that outcome.
  3. We then examine the realities of creating your desire.
  4. We approach the needed resources to get you where you wish to be.
  5. We figure out if you have those resources.
  6. We plan and strategize.

Simply put, I can help you!

This is all about personal development with a specialized unique approach. My fee is not about paying for my time. My fee is about getting you to your dream. This gets figured out after our complimentary telephone meeting to assess your individual desired outcome.

You must be willing to give a commitment of agreed upon time and to honestly answer all the weekly questionnaires that are prepared specifically for you and your situation. Your honesty and realistic expectations are all you need to join with me on an incredible journey of self-discovery and the attainment of your dreams.

Arlene is a well known Recovery Coach as well as a certified consulting hypnotherapist. You can view her other websites and

Call and set up your appointment. Let’s do this!