You are probably asking yourself “what the heck is a Life Coach”? Well I am here to explain as a person that has had the pleasure of learning from one…..no matter what your age, gender or profession in todays world everyone can use a little guidance even if you think you have it all together. Sometimes the everyday challenges and temptations you may find yourself facing, are against a very strong opponent. It is called “Life”. You may very well find yourself feeling that it seems impossible to get up some days and do it all again.

Arlene Sherman is a woman that has experienced it all and has studied and turned these experiences into not just a career but a passion to guide and help others that may be lost in the maze of everyday life, from martial problems, raising a family, coping with health issues, the temptations of life from infidelity to drug and alcohol abuse and addition. Or just guiding you as a single individual to achieve “your best self” in all you may do.

Arlene guides and teaches you without judgement. From the moment you meet, you feel as if you have known her somewhere else in time. Arlene has wisdom with a twist of humor behind it unlike I have ever experienced in my many years of searching for a professional to help me survive the daily challenges of coping with a loved one with mental health issues.

During a few weeks of “Life Coaching” with Arlene, she as taught me how to take back “Me” and the desire and excitement to live each day sometimes “Just for me”.

And that’s OK!

NT from West Palm Beach FL

With the professional assistance of Arlene and her knowledge with Life coaching my life was changed. Her life coaching abilities gave me the guidance I needed to land my dream job which I could not done without her help! I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking a life coach. 

AMZK from Wellington FL

Arlene Sherman has been my life coach for over six years. I don’t know what I would do without her! She has helped me through some very tough times, divorce, family addiction, panic attacks to name just a few. My life is in such a great place now and I know without a doubt that I couldn’t have faced it all without her support. Arlene has given me the gift of believing in myself. She listens with a kind heart and responds with fresh perspective. I am so very thankful to have her in my life!

JM from West Palm Beach FL

I met Arlene Sherman at a very dark time in my life. I was not sure of what Life Coaching could do for me but after a few weekly sessions  with Arlene I began to understand what I was doing daily that was putting me in this dark place. She has a way of guiding you into a different  way of thinking about yourself and how to turn your destructive habits into positive actions. 

KJ from Lantana, FL

I met with Arlene Sherman, Life Coach because there were areas in my life that I wanted to work on. I had previously tried to accomplish these things on my own but had failed. I was experiencing panic attacks and social anxiety which was impeding both my personal and professional life. I wanted to change professions, needed to develop confidence in myself and my abilities and felt the services of a life coach were imperative. I met with Arlene weekly and through our teamwork I have accomplished my goals of changing professions, increasing my income and improving interpersonal relationships.

MS from Stuart, FL